For any questions please write to Before doing so, review the questions and answers you have down here.


How do I buy in the store SD Huesca?

To purchase a product from SD Huesca have to select one or more of the products we have available on the web and pay. If in the process of your purchase you find any errors or do not know terminate any way, please write to


How I can buy a gift item?

You can buy gift item / size of the product following the normal purchasing process and the end choose "gift" (additional cost € 2.95).


What methods of payment do you accept?

Forms of payment accepted are: credit card or debit card (Visa and MasterCard).

Paypal have not yet activated but we will soon !.

SD Huesca, your data is safe at all times as we meet all safety standards regarding the treatment of the information you provide us. the data is not stored on the debit or credit card you use to pay for a product. At the time of processing the order, the card data is transmitted securely and encrypted payment platforms we work with, who are responsible for the transaction with the bank.

Do you make deliveries outside Spain?

We deliver to the European Union and the rest of the world as well :)


Do you have physical store?

Yes, it is in Huesca capital in Avda. Pyrenees, 9. You can also find a store official outside the stadium on match days.


How I can know my size?

In the official jerseys you find a size guide for other products soon will post a guide.


I was wrong to put my data during the purchase, ¿I can change them?

If you made a mistake entering your personal information in your purchase, please write to to try to change them as soon as possible. Note that if you do several days later, the order may already be in issue. In that case we will send you to see what you want to do. If it is treated as a refund in that case


I have not received any confirmation email with purchase, are you all right?

Once the order and payment is confirmed, we will send you a confirmation of your purchase by email with a receipt of the order. If you can not find it in your inbox, check your spam tray or, "promotions". If you can not find it, write to so you can provide a copy.


 How I can request an invoice?

If you wish to request an invoice, sending an email to including your order number so we can locate it and issue the corresponding invoice.


Can I cancel my order?

If you want to cancel your order once made and confirmed the purchase write out if the order has not receive a refund within 14 days. If the order is already in issue it will be managed as a refund.


Does it cost me the shipping?

Shipments to Spain Peninsula has a cost of € 5.95. For Balearic Islands, 7,95 €. For shipments to the European Union 9.95 € (Portugal 8.95 €). For countries outside the European Union 14,95 €

How long you delay in delivering an order?

If products are destined for Spain Peninsula, they will be sent within 3 to 5 days. You have to keep in mind that the shipping company does not deliver on weekends. If you are destined Balearic Islands, the delivery time will be 3 to 7 days. If you are destined for a country of the EU, the delivery time will be 3-7 days. For all other countries between 7 and 14 working days.


If it does not fit size, ¿I can change it to another?

For that you request a refund, follow the instructions and return to make a new purchase.


If I try on an item and it does not fit, I can do a return?

Yes. To make a return, you have 14 working days from the time you receive your items. You have to access our Returns section and complete the information we request. From there, we will confirm the return to the final steps you must perform.


What is the deadline for changes and refunds? Does it cost?

You can request your exchange or refund within 14 days of delivery of your item SD Huesca.

The expenses of the return will be your charge and the means you choose to send us the goods to store SD Huesca, Avda.Pirineos, 22004. 9. Huesca.


I bought a product online form, ¿I can return it to the store?

No. If you purchased online so you have to follow the return process online.


Can I change in the physical store a product purchased online form?

No. You will change following the changes online process.


If you've requested a refund, how will the refund?

Repayment is made directly to the bank or half payment card with which you paid your purchase, within 3 days when we receive the returned item in our warehouse and checked that it is in perfect condition.


What happens if the item is used exchange or return it or messed up?

Unless your exchange or refund following grounds a manufacturing defect, if the exchange or return detect your article is used or in poor condition, there shall be no refund and so we will inform you.

How I can contact you if I have any questions or suggestions?

For questions, complaints and suggestions entering our "contact" or send us an email to we will reply as soon as possible.